Our Story

Our Story

It all started with us selling coffee from a tuk-tuk in the middle of winter.  

We are Richard & Fiona Jones; a happily married, coffee loving couple who live with their daughter and dog in Berkshire

We have always loved coffee and wanted to start our own business so we purchased a mobile coffee van and started selling coffee outside a train station.  We launched in middle of winter, not the best time to be stood outside all day, so as our business grew we opened our own coffee shop. We quickly became interested in understanding consumer needs and tastes and so we learnt how to roast coffee so we could provide the best and freshest coffee experience for our customers.  The roasting side of the business took off and we started providing coffee to other local restaurants and cafes.

As we explored the world of speciality coffee we became obsessed with discovering new roasters and trying new coffees.  There is an amazing array of roasters producing incredible coffees and every time we came across a new roaster we wondered why they were not known better.

We decided there was an opportunity to champion the best of the UK’s independent roasters and help tell their unique stories – from Coaltown who are bringing jobs back to an ex mining community in Wales to New Ground who are a social enterprise helping ex-offenders.

Not only did we want to promote the roasters but we wanted to ensure that people were trying the right coffees; so we developed a clever way to match people to the coffees they are going to love – from this Beans Coffee Club was born.

We are here to help people enjoy making a fresh brew at home. To educate people who buy their beans from a supermarket that fresh coffee tastes better. To help people ,who are bored of their existing single roaster coffee subscriptions , know there is an easy way to explore multiple roasters.

Having launched in June 2019 we have received fantastic feedback from the coffee industry and our customers. We have strived to listen to our members feedback and improve our offering and features to create the ultimate coffee club experience.

We hope you enjoy discovering new roasters and meeting the teams behind your coffees. Tasting new coffees each week, learning about your coffee preferences and being part of a coffee loving community.

Thanks for being part of our club.

Richard & Fiona

Founders of Beans Coffee Club