About Us

Our aim

“We want to make it easier for people to explore the incredible specialty coffee being roasted in this country. There is a growing list of roasters producing amazing fresh coffee but its not easy for people to find them or know which ones they will like so we aim to make it easy for people to explore and enjoy more”


Beans Coffee Club offers personalised coffee subscriptions to help people who enjoy making fresh coffee at home discover a greater variety of coffee from some the country’s best coffee roasters.

We create a bespoke list of coffees to try based on your brewing and taste preferences making it easy to explore specialty coffees, and discover more of the coffees you’ll love and less of the ones you don’t.

We are here to help people who enjoy making a fresh brew at home but are still buying their beans from a supermarket, or the people who are now bored of their existing coffee subscriptions with only a limited selection of coffee to try.

We launched in June this year we feature over 150 coffees from 15 of the country’s best independent roasters and we are first subscription in the country to provide a personalised multi roaster offering. This subscription model has been hugely successful in the US with the likes of Mistobox opening up independent roasters to a wider audience.  We are bringing the model here to offer customers a new way to explore coffee; traditional subscriptions only offer coffees roasted by one roaster, typically featuring around 15 different varieties. This means once you have found a type of coffee you like you can’t explore similar one from other roasters ..thats why Beans was born.


Lots of love

The ‘Beans’ Team