3 tips to making better coffee at home

If you are here on the Beans website –  the only personalised coffee subscription featuring some of the UKs best coffee roasters – then we are pretty sure you already aware that buying fresh specialty coffee beans is really important to a quality cup of coffee but what else can you do to ensure that you’re getting the best experience, whatever your preferred brewing method?

Here are 3 tips to making better coffee at home:

1. Use a Burr grinder.

The biggest impact you can have to the taste of your morning coffee is grinding your coffee fresh, grinding whole coffee beans and using them immediately rather than buying ground beans. The reason behind this is that the compounds in coffee start reacting and changing when exposed to air, coffee which has been pre-ground starts to go stale within minutes, no matter how you store it. By grinding your beans at the time of brewing you are going to be getting the best flavours from them and using a Burr grinder rather than a blade grinder will provide a more consistent grind allowing for better extraction of those flavours. Burr grinders can cost several thousand pounds but they don’t have to be expensive, they start from as little at £50 for a great hand grinder, so if you want to improve your morning coffee this is the best place to start.

2. Use a digital scale

Making coffee can be a bit of a science, how to extract the best flavour from the best beans consistently, time after time, can take a long time to master. We are aware that not everyone has the time or inclination for this but one small change you can make to ensure that your coffee tastes great every time is to weigh your coffee beans or ground coffee. Follow our brewing methods for a guide on the different weights to water ratios depending on the brewing method used. Using any common kitchen scale will help bring consistency to your brewing method but some are better than other as they can more accurate or water resistant.

3. Use clean water

The water used can often be over looked as having an impact to the taste of your coffee but the quality of your water can vary greatly depending on where in the country you are and as it can make up to 98% of your drink it important to ensure its as clean as possible. Using a Brita Filter to filter your tap water at home can massively improve taste and odour. If you purchase bottled water we recommend spring water rather than simply ‘drinking water’ and never use distilled water as its lack of mineral content actually makes it corrosive to your equipment.

These easy to implement steps will really help you to explore and enjoy coffee brewing at home. We want to help you get the best experience possible from your coffee subscription so don’t forget to check out our brewing guides here and also check out our store if you want to check out some great grinders and scales to use at home.