What your coffee choice says about you??

Apparently, you can tell a lot about a person based on what type of coffee they drink. So the next time you order a coffee in Starbucks you might be giving away a lot more about yourself then you realised.

Based on an article in the journal Appetite, people who like their coffee black are more likely to be ?antisocial? and espresso drinkers are hard working. Read on to discover what your coffee choice says about you.

Cappuccino – If you?re a coffee drinker who enjoys the milky, foamy warmth of a Cappuccino, you are likely to be an optimistic individual. You can be a little sensitive at times (perhaps only when someone forgets to sprinkle chocolate on the top of your coffee) Cappuccino drinkers are also incredibly sociable and really enjoy spending time with their friends. Although they do have a tenancy to be controlling at times, so perhaps let them choose the venue for your next catch-up.

Instant coffee – If you like your coffee in your favourite cup and made quickly in the morning, then you’re a laid back instant coffee drinker. You know how to prioritise in life. You are also probably pretty good at multitasking. Plus, you’re also good with your money, so any budget is in safe hands with you.

Black coffee – Ah, a purist. Black coffee drinkers are straight forward, no nonsense people who can be quite stubborn as they’re set in their ways. Despite being occasionally quiet and moody, they will on the whole like to avoid situations involving any sort of conflict.

Latte – You latte drinkers are lovely people aren’t you? You like to please others, and are generally probably better at looking after their friends and family than themselves. Anyone who loves a latte is likely to be laid back. You also enjoy being comfortable. You’re quite content to spend evenings chilling out, perhaps watching their favourite TV shows

Flat white – If you’re a flat white drinker, you’re probably the least likely to wonder what your coffee choice says about your personality! You also love to be spend time with friends and are probably pretty close to your family. If you like to change up your order with modern milk choices such as soy or almond milk, you may be adventurous (or just coping with a pesky dietary requirement!)

Espresso – People who choose Espresso tend to be hard working and confident. They are pretty busy individuals who don’t have much room for ‘me-time’ in their daily lives. They are also great multitaskers, so probably make great parents!!

Double espresso – Intelligent and sophisticated individuals, double espresso drinkers can have wild imaginations. However, you wouldn’t know that as they tend to be quite private people too!

Iced coffee and Frappuccinos – Mochas, caramel frappuccinos, the latest Starbucks cookie crumble creation – people who pick coffees with a twist are young at heart and socially bold trendsetters. They love to have fun and are usually spontaneous. So, get ready to go along with their latest ‘great idea’ at any moment!

Filter coffee – Some of your best attributes are that you are reliable and loyal. You are also likely to be quite a sensible individual. So, if you have a friend who likes to drink Frappuccinos, you’ll be reluctant to go along with all of their many weird and wonderful plans.

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Article based on: Sagioglou C. & Greitemeyer T., Individual differences in bitter taste preferences are associated with antisocial personality traits, Appetite (2015), doi: 10.1016/ j.appet.2015.09.031.