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Exclusive House Blends

Our House Blends collection is a range of exceptional coffees which have been created by some of the UK’s best roasters exclusively for Beans Coffee.

Expertly blended and hand-roasted to suit all brewing methods and appeal to a range of tastes. These coffees are only available via Beans Coffee Club as part of our subscription or as a single purchase via our store.



Featuring the likes of Wogan Coffee, a 3rd generation roaster based in Bristol, NewGround in Oxford and the fantastic 47 Degrees from Heanor, Debyshire, our House Blends are the culmination of decades of experience.

We collaborated with each roaster; bringing together our understanding of peoples flavour preferences and taste profiles with the roasting and development expertise of some of the country’s best roasters to develop this exceptional range. We are immensely proud of the final collection and are very excited to launch more exclusive coffees in the future.

You can discover these essential signature coffees as part of our subscriptions.

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Alternatively you can purchase these individually from our coffee store.

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