How it Works

A little guide to how our subscriptions work.

1. We make it personal

Tell us your preferences – We feature over 150 coffees from 15 of the countries best roasters – to make it easy to find coffees you’ll love we match you based on your personal preferences. Simply answer a few questions to create your own bespoke subscription.

Choose your pricing – Each coffee can be a different price so to keep things simple we created 2 different pricing tiers – standard at £7.99 and exclusive at £9.99. Standard coffees are fantastic and versatile, featuring blends which will be liked by most. Exclusive tier coffees are a little rarer and more complex for people feeling a little more adventurous.

Select your frequency – Simply choose how often you would like to receive a new coffee – weekly, fortnightly or monthly – depending on how much coffee you drink. We’ll do the rest.

2. We are totally flexible 

Cancel anytime. – We don’t tie you in to a contract and there is no minimum term so you can cancel your subscription at any point, simply let us know that you don’t wish to continue your subscription and we’ ll ensure everything is cancelled.

Pause – Sometimes you just want to pause your deliveries – maybe you are going on holiday or maybe you have another coffee to try – if you need to pause just let us know when you want to pause it and when you want to restart.

3. We’re the freshest around

Ultimate freshness – To ensure you receive coffee at is absolute best every bag is roasted to order and shipped directly from the roaster. Typically roasters do not roast their coffee every day of the week so sometimes there will be a day or two delay before your coffee is ready to post out. You will receive an email notification on the day we submit your order for roasting and another email on the day it is shipped; so you always know when to expect your next coffee.

Degassing – Each coffee is expected to arrive 2 days after it ships; these additional days are ideal for the natural degassing process of freshly roasted beans, allowing the carbon dioxide to escape and create the desired balanced taste.