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High-Five a Friend (& the Planet)

Treat a friend to £5 off their first bag and get £5 off yourself; we’ll also plant 5 trees here in the UK

It’s super simple to get started.  Simply log in below to start sharing your unique code on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. Every time one of your friends signs up with the code they will get £5 off their first order, you will get £5 credit towards your next delivery and we will plant 5 trees in the UK via ‘One Tree Planted’.  Win… win … win. That’s worth a high-five!!!

There is no limit to how many times you can do this, so the more friends who join, the more credits you can earn and the more trees get planted.

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About our planting programme

Trees are essential to the health of our planet, biodiversity, and reducing the harmful effects of climate change. Reforestation is consistently identified by scientists as one of the top solutions to the climate crisis; thats why we are planting trees via One Tree Planted.

The trees are planted by local partner organisations and community volunteers in areas where there has been deforestation, right here in the UK.