Roaster Name:
Coaltown Limited
Roaster location:
April 2013
Probat 12kg, 1958 Probat UG75

Coaltown Coffee Roasters set to tickle taste buds around town ...

Most popular bean/blend:

Black Gold No3 ? Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador Blend



Coaltown is based in Ammanford, Wales which is a small town of 5400 people.?A former mining community where anthracite coal (Black Gold) fuelled the local economy. Unfortunately in 2003, the last of the local collieries closed, bringing with it a slow demise with high unemployment with no prospect for the school leavers of today. Our plan is to change this. to bring back an industry & get this town producing a new form of black gold. Coffee.

We are a specialty coffee roastery. We focus on sustainable and transparent trade with small farms from across the coffee growing regions of the world, and aim to uphold quality at every stage of our production. We are driven by remaining ethical, and by our desire to roast delicious coffee that’s full of personality.


Ethical / environmental claims

  • All coffee is sourced ethically through direct trade.
  • 100% compostable cups / lids.



Multiple Great Taste Awards 1*, 2* and 3* since 2014.