Roaster Name:
North Star
Roaster location:
Leeds, United Kingdom
Loring 35

North Star Roasters in Leeds exists to prove their is a kinder way to do business

North Star is a coffee company focused on real and true impact founded with a genuine desire to prioritise people and planet over profit. The community they have created over the years is made up of like-minded folk across the world who share their mission of participating in a supply chain that adds real value not just in the spirit of doing the right thing but because it is the only way of guaranteeing a future for those involved in it.

They are determined to be able to increase their support over time, making meaningful, profitable and sizeable purchases each year from the partners they work with to truly add value as a buyer.

The business was established in 2013 from a desire to put the humanity back into the commoditised coffee supply chain. Since their inception, they have worked hard to source specialty grade coffee (from the top 5 per cent of what is grown globally) from some cherished relationships they have established over the years.