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Outpost Coffee
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Most popular bean/blend:

Due to small scale seasonal buying it?s not really possible to state a most popular; the way we buy coffee is on a limited basis, we find a great bean, roast it, sell it and move on to the next lot. That said, the way we profile East African coffees always attracts positive attention.



We are a small independent specialty coffee roasters based in Nottingham. Our small and diverse team all share the same passion for showcasing and sharing the world of variety that can be explored with every changing origin, processing method, varietal and season.

We roast Monday to Thursday and allow 24hrs for our coffees to degass before packing. Whole bean coffee from Outpost will be at its best from 1-4 weeks after roast.


Ethical / environmental claims

We purchase only traceable specialty coffee at above fair trade price. We do this through a few selected green bean importers; we select the importers we use based on quality and social/ethical responsibility. The green suppliers we use contribute to the development of growing communities with educational projects and/or financial kickback schemes.