Roaster Name:
Plot Roasting
Roaster location:
Armstrong Road, Woolwich, London
Loring S35 Kestrel

Most popular bean/blend:

Substance Espresso


Consistency and accuracy, that’s what comes from thousands of hours dedicated to one task. We are a small team of experienced coffee professionals who value precision, style and flavour. Impeccable, responsible sourcing coupled with precise, methodical roasting and the experience and logistics to deliver amazing coffee are what we pride ourselves on.

All of our coffees are sourced through reputable importers and are traceable to specific producers or sometimes even day’s pickings. We choose them based on rigorous physical and sensorial analysis?to ensure we select the very best tasting lots.

Ethical / environmental claims:

Our roaster is?not only?the most fuel efficient of its size but also has the lowest emissions due to it?s patented single burner system.

We will soon be offering our own delivery service, by electric vehicle, for our wholesale customers across central London.

We only work with importers who share our values and can provide detailed traceability information for each lot which we buy. We are developing our sourcing program to visit producers at origin in order to foster long-term relationships which can provide some security for both parties.