Roaster Name:
Quarter Horse Coffee
Roaster location:
Bristol Street, Birmingham
Giesen W15

Quarter Horse Roasters are an independent coffee roaster with a conscience & great freshly roasted coffee

Quarter Horse was founded in 2012 by Ameeta and Nathan Retzer. Nathan is originally from Chicago and has over 12 years of experience in coffee. He moved to the UK in 2012 and worked with some great coffee shops in London (Dose, Store Street Espresso) as well as working out of the Square Mile office for about 6 months. His wife, Ameeta is a Brummie and after setting up Quarter Horse in 2012 they moved back to Birmingham to expand the cafe and start roasting.

Quarter Horse source only the highest quality beans and focus on fresh and interesting lots. Everything is roasted in house and in view of the customers in their coffee shop. Preferring to roast light to medium their focus is to bring out the most flavour from each bean while maximising the balance in the cup.

“We are doing our best to eliminate all of our packaging waste and provide delivery with reusable containers to our local wholesale customers”

Being environmentally conscious is very important to Nathan. All their retail bags are fully recyclable and they are focused on eliminating all possible packaging waste by providing delivery with reusable containers to their local wholesale customers.

Their coffee has been featured multiple times in the highly regarded Caffeine Magazine and they regularly rank in the top 25 coffee shops in the UK by having been recognised by The Times, The Independent, and the Guardian. They have also been featured in Vogue and other online articles highlighting their cafe space.

We view Quarter Horse as one of those unsung heroes. They have been consistently producing amazing coffees for a long time and they are highly regarded by the coffee industry but they don’t get the wider recognition they deserve.