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The Roasting Party
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The Roasting Party believes speciality coffee doesn’t have to be serious

Built on passion, friendships and trust. Specialty coffee. Small batch roasting. Crowd pleasing blends. Seasonal Filters. Hands on approach. Extensive training program.

Welcome to the Party.

Their roots go deep – with founders Kirby Sinclair and Wesley Cusick – having decades of experience in the Aussie speciality coffee market after the two forged a bond with The Roasting Party’s spiritual sister and third founding member – Ed Cutcliffe, founder of their much-loved Aussie coffee company The Little Marionette. This well-known Sydney coffee roaster is the place where Kirby and Wesley honed their coffee skills to perfection.

Production is at the heart of The Roasting Party. Promoting strong relationships with traders and combined knowledge to strategically select high-quality green coffee to complement their unique roasting style.

“We want to create great coffee, have fun in the process and not take ourselves too seriously”

They have a hands on approach and strive to build trust by understanding their customers needs and delivering on it. They endeavour to development their baristas through our extensive TRP training program and SCA courses. At the same time they actively seek the next potential Barista Champions by entering and supporting them through various competitions.

As a company, their mission is to respect the environment that gifts us our beautiful green beans. Everything has to mean green, so they developed packaging solutions that have zero impact on the environment. From biodegradable takeaway cups and lids, supporting reusable KeepCup, they are committed to the future of the coffee industry and ensuring everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee for many years to come.