Arabica Decaf Peru

Weight: 225g


This region boasts excellent fertile ground with perfect coffee growing conditions. Scoring between 82 and 88 the district has ample coffee to offer a variiety of roasters needs. The coffee of this valley has a classic Peru good body with Cacao flavour yet the hints of nutty syrup and lquorice separate this coffee from that found at lower altitudes. The varieties most common to the region are Caturra and Pache. As a general rule with smallholdings, each producer harvests around 750-1500kg a year depending on the farm size, the weather and the care each farmer has taken to manage their plot. The coffee is washed, due to the amply spring waters. Later the parchment is patio dried. The cascarra is later used as fertilizer. The coffee originates from farms that have not been contaminated with pesticides and phosphates. In total there are 314 members of whom 266 are male and 48 are female. Many workers originate from both the Shora and Mayni community. Our relationship with our producers is based on longevity, trust an respect. By setting our purchase price in advance, depending on quality, we pay no attention to the world trade price that leaves producers with no security.

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Decaf: Yes

Type: Single

Taste: Classic Peru caco flavour with nutty, syrup & licuroice notes.

Country: Peru

Process: washed & co2 decaf

Varietal: caturra, pache

Bag Size: 225