Brazilian Mio Lot 1930

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Mió is a family run farm in Monte Santo de Minas, Brazil. The city has a strong Carnaval tradition that has been celebrated every year since 1930

Roaster note: Mió take enormous pride in the traceability of their coffee, and offer detailed reports to their roasters on the exact journey that the coffee has taken. This coffee uses a red honey process, whereby 70 – 80% of the mucilage stays attached to the beans, when they are then dried, and subsequently rested in silos for 30 to 60 days. 

Traceability is of huge importance to Mió. Each stage of the journey, from where the cherries were harvested, which trucks moved them, how and when they were processed, is tracked using satellite imagery.

The farm spans a total of 1,589 hectares. One third of the land is used for coffee processing and milling, whilst the remaining land is equally divided between the coffee trees and the native forest reserve. This helps to preserve the natural characteristics of the area. With plenty of spring water in the estate, one of Mió’s responsibilities is not only to maintain the water flow, but also to improve water quality.

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Type: Single Origin

Taste: Praline, grape & maple syrup

Country: Brazil

Process: Washed

Varietal: Red Honey Process

Bag Size: 250