Colombia Planadas Community Organic

By: Horsham Coffee
Weight: 250g


During the course of the year, we regularly feature fantastic small individual farmer micro-lots brought to us by The Green Collection. Many of these fantastic coffees are produced by small-hold farmers who are using organic farming methods but might not be certified. Within their coffee-producing communities, there are many farmers who have chosen to certify their farms as organic.

This coffee is an excellent example of a juicy but well-balanced coffee from Colombia and is produced by farmers from the Planadas area of Tolima. These farmers are grouped together into associations, this helps to consolidate costs and allows farmers to work together to produce larger lots with full organic certification.

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Type: Single

Taste: Chocolate, brown sugar and Tangerine<br />

Country: Colombia

Process: Washed

Varietal: Various

Bag Size: 250