Colombia – Tres Cruces

By: Horsham Coffee
Weight: 250g


This one comes from a farm called Tres Cruces located near San Pedro in the Tolima area. They grown Caturra and Castillio varietal on a 3.5 hectare farm at about 1800masl. For this particular lot the coffee was hand harvested, rested for 12 hrs in sacks before pulping to remove the outer layer of fruit. After pulping the coffee was fermented dry for 36 hrs. Long dry fermentation methods can enhance the fruit character of the cut and increase complexity. After fermentation the coffee was washed a second time and dried on raised beds. The long dry fermentation has worked very well and you can expect complex tropical and sweet lemon fruit notes and a lovely honey like sweetness.


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Type: Single

Taste: honey, sweet lemon, tropical fruit <br />

Country: Colombia

Process: Washed

Varietal: Castillo, Caturra

Bag Size: 250