Ethiopia Sidamo Decaf

By: 47 Degrees Coffee
Weight: 250g

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Roasters note:

The Sidamo is a swiss water decaf from Ethiopia, giving you the great taste you expect from 47 degrees coffee but without the caffeine.

Cupping notes

Milk chocolate is the main player here with great supporting roles of lime, and caramel. The citrus character from Sidamo really adds another dimension to the cup.

Local smallholders grow heirloom varietals known locally by names such as Kumie, Diga, and Wilsho. The genetic diversity in Ethiopia is loosely grouped into regional denominations for buying – Limu, Djimma, Lekempti, Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Harrar – with coffees recognized as having their own characteristics specific to each area. Amongst these areas though there can be a number of localized varietals, collectively called heirloom for ease, though not necessarily sharing the same characteristics as an heirloom plant from another region.

Along with Yirgacheffe, which is a smaller area within the Sidamo zone, the reputation for high grown and high quality washed coffees is well deserved, with the fragrant jasmine notes sitting over lemon, bergamot and tea like flavours seen as typical, though in truth the area can encompass a huge range of profiles.

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Decaf: Yes

Type: Single Origin

Taste: Chocolate, caramel, lime and orange

Country: Ethiopia

Process: swiss water process

Varietal: Heirloom

Bag Size: 250