Finca el Guadual, Colombia

By: Garage Coffee
Weight: 250g

£9.50 (+pp)

This tasty lot brings in some classic Colombian vibes. Sweet and sharp flavours of rhubarb and custard, coupled with a jasmine finish.

Roaster note:

We received this lot of coffee via the Cedro Alto collective. Being a collective means they share resources so that small farmers can operate independently and enjoy the same efficiency as the large estate growers and international traders. They are not an association or a coop, they partner with those types of local organisations that provide day-to-day support for the farmers that make up their group. Their function lies in the logistics and commerce between the farm gate and the roaster in another part of the world.

Each producer that is a member of the collective sends samples of each harvest or microlot they produce to the Cedro Alto cupping lab. They cup everything that arrives, give detailed feedback, and if cup quality reaches the right level, the collective pre-finances the producer, effectively purchasing their parchment coffee at the price that we feel roasters would pay for it, minus costs. It is then the collective’s responsibility to mill, export, import, warehouse, market, and sell it to a roaster, as the farmer has already been paid.

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Type: Single Origin

Taste: Rhubarb, custard & jasmine

Country: Colombia

Process: Washed

Varietal: Castillo, colombia, Typica

Bag Size: 250