Guatemala, Finca Villaure

By: Hundred House Coffee
Weight: 227g


With altitudes over 2,000 meters, Huehue is the highest region of Guatemala. Historically, it has been one of the more remote areas of the country and accessibility has been challenging. In the past, many farmers used oxen or have had to carry their coffees on their back. The biggest challenge for the 2019 harvest across Huehuetenango was finding pickers. Farms have normally been able to count on their own region’s pickers, however this year many migrated to the USA. Farms had to operate with a reduced number of pickers. This meant that farmers needed to change their approach to picking – so sorting was really crucial to maintaining quality.


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Type: Single

Taste: Red Cherries, Dried Apricot and Baker's Chocolate

Country: Guatamala

Bag Size: 227