Honduran Guara Roja

By: Iron and Fire Ltd
Weight: 220g


Roasters note:

Guara Roja is a red honey process Speciality coffee that comes with a kick.

It is handpicked, choosing only the opaque red cherries following which, the semi-washed pulped bean with only part of mucilage as a coat is dried in the right timing on elevated beds.

This has resulted in a delicious combination of sweet & bright acidity coffee with a juicy flavor that stands out with a complex aftertaste.

We have roasted these beans to bring out their sweetness, lovely balanced acidity, and dark chocolate notes with hints of almond. A unique flavour profile and definitely one to try! Have a go using our recipe below.


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Type: Single

Taste: Sweet, bright, almond and chocolate

Country: Honduras

Process: Honey and Natural Processed

Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, IHCAFE90, Lempira

Bag Size: 220