Humberto Pecupaque Columbia – Filter

By: Pharmacie Coffee
Weight: 250g


Humberto Pecupaque is a leader in the Nasa We’sx indigenous community and a role model to others involved in coffee production. Alongside his wife Alba, he is co-proprietor of Finca El Diamante in the San Pedro reserve of the Nasa We’sx indigenous group near Gaitania, Tolima. Humberto had a terrible accident last year that very nearly took his life and completely derailed him and his family from their paths, including the construction of a new wet-mill to carry out experimental processes for the farm of low-yielding exotic varietals just coming into the second year of production, and losing the end of year fly crop in the family’s absence.

He is about 6 months into a slow recovery and Alba has taken the reins of the farm with the help of other community members and a fermentation “recipe” Humberto had developed with our importing partners Langdon Coffee Merchants last year (which, luckily, they remembered).

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Type: Single

Taste: Juicy sweet notes of pear drops & strawberry quality street chocolate truffles

Country: Columbia

Varietal: Castillo, pacamara, Pink Bourbon, San Bernardo, Tabi

Bag Size: 250