Kenya Mutungati

Weight: 350g


All coffees in this region are very high-grown, with a low of 1,800 metres and a high reaching 2,200 metres. Soils are diverse, ranging from volcanic grey loam to Red Volcanic (similar to the Central Provice). The history of coffee farming is quite different than the more familiar colonial crop of the areas surrounding Kenya?s capital city of Nairobi. Coffee in Nakuru was established much later. Although it is a region where there is much room for growth, the county is home to only 9 washing stations and all FCS operating within the County only manage one washing station. Compare this to, say, the nearly 100 factories that pepper Kiambu ? one of Kenya?s more famous coffee farming counties. Part of the problem has less to do with the county?s remoteness and rather is due to the very tough coffee-growing conditions. Temperatures are cold and many trees do not thrive in the very high altitudes. Where they do thrive, however, some really exceptional lots can emerge.

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Type: Single

Taste: Clean, cherry, plum w/bright acidity.

Country: Kenya

Process: Washed

Varietal: ruiru 11, sl28, sl34

Bag Size: 350