Mexico Union San Pedro

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“Union San Pedro is an association that represents eight communities located around the town of San Pedro El Alto in Oaxaca’s Sierra Sur mountain range.

Union San Pedro represents around 180 coffee producing families and is co-ordinated by Salomon Garcia. Salomon is originally from Xanica, one of the eight communities of San Pedro and he helped to establish the association back in the early 2000’s. In the last few years Salomon has returned his focus back on the producers of San Pedro full time to try and tackle some of the issue facing coffee farmers in Oaxaca today. Under Salomon’s leadership the association has funded demonstrative parcela’s or small farms for each sub association to experiment with different varieties and farming techniques to improve the low yields that are common in Oaxaca. Likewise, the association has built several coffee nurseries to supply its members with high quality seedlings, a real rarity for most producers here.”


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Taste: Honeyed dates, caramel & dulce de leche with a silky soft mouthfeel

Country: Mexico

Varietal: mundo novo, Plumo Hidalgo

Bag Size: 250