Tobacco Road Blend

By: 47 Degrees Coffee
Weight: 250g

£8.50 (+pp)


Roasters note:

The name Tobacco RD is a nod to all the great friends, brothers, and sisters that I worked with before taking the plunge to start roasting coffee for a living!

Carefully blended, using 3 of our most popular award-winning coffee’s. Which hold an impressive total of 6 Gold Stars between them, this blend always had the potential to be a great tasting coffee and it can now display an impressive ‘2 Gold stars’ next to it’s name!

The Guild Judges remarks sum up what this blend has to offer –

“There is a big whack of chocolate on the nose from the beans. For the range of bean sizes, the roast is very even. The taste is complex and brings in many different elements. The balance is cleverly achieved. The overall finish is that of bright top notes. There is a lot of interest to this espresso. The blend has worked well to produce a coffee that will appeal to most, if not all, tastes.”

‘Guild of Fine Foods judging panel’

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Type: Blend

Taste: Chocolate, caramel & malt

Country: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia

Process: various

Varietal: Various

Bag Size: 250