Coffee Club vs Subscription

A truly personal coffee experience

At Beans Coffee Club we set out to create the ultimate coffee club; to help people discover the best coffee roasters, enjoy a variety of incredible speciality coffee, and help them make better coffee at home. In order to do this, we have had to do things a little differently.

Most coffee subscriptions are simply a ‘Roaster of the month’ style club; sending their customers the same coffee from a different roaster each month, we wanted to create a truly personalised experience. We have partnered with 15 of the UK’s best, award-winning, independent roasters; and offer over 100 of their finest speciality coffees in one flexible subscription.

We want to make speciality coffee accessible – so if you know your Cortados from your cold-brew or you just enjoy a cafetiere on a Sunday morning – we can offer you an uncomplicated and truly personalised experience.

Everyone’s tastes and brewing preferences are different, so, we wanted to ensure that our members receive a personalised & curated selection of coffees, tailored to them. To do this we built our intelligent matching system, which, based on your preferences, creates a unique selection of coffees to try from our huge collection.

But we don’t stop there. We give you the opportunity to rate and review your coffees and we calibrate your profile; based on your feedback we learn what you like and can make the best recommendations of new coffees to try.

All our coffees are roasted to order and shipped to your door for the ultimate freshness. Our packaging is recyclable and letterbox friendly and we don’t charge postage. You decide how often you want to try a new coffee; skip, pause or cancel your account at the push of a button. You are in complete control.

We are passionate about championing the UK’s best roasters and telling their stories, as there are some amazing people out there producing incredible coffee – from Coaltown Roasters in Wales, bringing jobs back to an ex-mining town, through to New Ground, who are a social enterprise supporting ex-offenders – every roastery has their own story to tell and we want to tell you about them. We believe it’s more than just a cup of great coffee, it’s a new discovery with every delivery – exploring the very finest coffee roasters and learning about the teams who have just hand-roasted your coffee.

Don’t settle for getting the same coffee as everyone else, experience a subscription as unique as you are.

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