Coffee Club vs Subscription

Coffee Club Vs a Subscription

A club is different to a subscription –  the aim of a coffee club is to offer a variety of coffees from multiple coffee roasters, to teach people how to make better coffee at home & to offer access to a community of like-minded coffee lovers. Because coffee can be complicated, and trying new coffees can be a bit ‘hit and miss’ as to whether you like them, a coffee club normally offers an increased level of personalisation over a subscription, to ensure that you are going to like the coffees you are going to receive. A single roaster might typically offer c.15 coffees, where as a club might have over 150, so by handpicking a bespoke selection of around 20/30 to try, the customer is guaranteed to receive more of the coffees they love, and less of the ones they don’t.

By definition a coffee subscription is really just a purchasing method – a recurring payment, where you sign up with one particular roaster and they send you coffee to your agreed delivery schedule. A coffee subscription is a great way to enjoy a single roasters coffee and ensure that you have a regular supply – if you have found one roaster you really like, then taking out a subscription service with them is a great way to enjoy their coffee without having to worry about placing regular orders.

We want to make speciality coffee accessible – so if you know your Cortados from your cold-brew or you just enjoy a cafetiere on a Sunday morning – we can offer you an uncomplicated and truly personalised experience.

At Beans Coffee Club we are passionate about championing the UK’s best roasters and telling their stories, as there are some amazing people out there producing incredible coffee – from Coaltown Roasters in Wales bringing jobs back to an ex-mining town through to New Ground who are a social enterprise supporting ex-offenders – every roastery has their own story to tell and we want to tell you about them. We believe it’s more than just a cup of great coffee, it’s a new discovery with every delivery – exploring the very finest coffee roasters and learning about the teams who have just hand-roasted your coffee.

We are the first coffee club of our kind in the UK. We offer the largest selection of coffees and our intelligent matching process will ensure that the coffees you receive are tailored to your taste, but we don’t stop there. We give you the opportunity to rate and review your coffees and we calibrate your profile. We learn what you like with every new delivery and can make the best recommendations of new coffees to try.

All our coffees are roasted to order and shipped to your door for the ultimate freshness. Our packaging is recyclable and letterbox friendly and we don’t charge postage.

We believe, that at Beans Coffee Club, we offer the ultimate club experience. Its really easy to explore new roasters, discovery coffee matched to your taste and learn to make better coffee at home.

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