Why we’re different

How it works


1. Create your bespoke selection

Answer a few simple questions and, based on your preferences, our intelligent matching process will create a unique selection of coffees from a huge selection of coffees from some of the UK’s best & award-winning independent roasters.


2. Rate your coffees and learn your taste

We give you the opportunity to rate and review the coffees you receive in your ‘Coffee Journal’, based on your feedback we calibrate your profile; we learn what you like with every new delivery and can make the best recommendations of new coffees to try.


3. Take control

Choose or change your own delivery schedule: weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can cancel or skip a delivery at the push of a button.  You are in complete control.


4. Enjoy the ultimate freshness

Your coffees are roasted to order and shipped direct to your door in letterbox friendly parcels. You don’t get coffee which has been sitting around or re-bagged from larger quantities like some other subscriptions.


5. Look after the planet

Every part of our packaging is 100% fully recyclable, simply pop it in your recycling box when you’re finished. Also, we only work with roasters who ensure their coffees are ethically sourced and we support Project Waterfall – a charity aiming to bring clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities across the world.


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