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Yes of course you can. We understand that sometimes you are going to be away or that you already have enough coffee so you need to pause for a week or two. Simply send an email to support@beanscoffeeclub.com and we’ll take care of it.

Yes ….absolutely. Simply drop us an email and let us know what schedule you would like and we’ll take care of it. You can contact us Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm via email on: support@beanscoffeeclub.com

You will be billed on the day you have subscribed and your account will then renew on a Monday – either every week, fortnight or month – depending on the delivery schedule you selected.

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to create bespoke subscriptions like this. We are working hard to bring this feature to our customers in the future.

We have over 100 coffees at around 50 different price points. To try and keep things simple and to provide a consistent experience we have separated the coffee into 2 different pricing tiers.

Standard tier: @ £7.99 which will typically have a lot of the blends and the more common single origin coffees.
Exclusive tier: @ £10.99 will still have some the amazing blends but also some of the rarer and more complex single origins.

The different pricing structure gives an entry point for customers who are new to speciality coffee or who prefer the fuller bodied coffees while also provided a pricing tier for those looking to explore the more delicate flavoured or slightly rarer coffees.

Roasters often change their offerings based on what coffee is available at the time. Due to this it is possible that a coffee displayed to you during the checkout process is not available when it come to the time to ship. If a coffee becomes no longer available we substitute it for a similar, and just as amazing coffee which matches your taste profile.

Our personalised coffee subscription matches you to coffee that we think you’ll love but due to the huge variations in coffee flavours we can?t guarantee you will love them. We believe that exploring different coffees is fun and you will of course like some more than others.

If you believe you have received a bad or unacceptable bag of coffee, don’t hesitate to contact us – Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm via email on: support@beanscoffeeclub.com

We currently only ship within the UK, this is to ensure that all coffee reaches our customers in the freshest and best condition.

First of all – all our shipping is free of charge for our subscriptions. Shipping for single purchase orders is charged at £1.99

In terms of single purchase shipping charges – If you order multiple bags from the same roaster they can be placed in the same box and only one shipping charge will be charged. If you order from multiple roasters then multiple boxes will be sent so you will be charged multiple shipping charges. This is because all coffee is roasted to order and shipped directly from the roasters themselves.


All our coffees are roasted to order and shipped every Tuesday, from there they take about 2-3 days to be delivered which gives the coffee time to rest – just the right amount so that it is at its absolute best the day it arrives at your door.

We will keep you up to date by sending you an email to confirm your order has been placed and another email so you know it has been shipped.

If you have not received your delivery by Saturday then please drop us an email so we can take a look into it for you. Email us on: support@BeansCoffeeClub.com



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If you still have any questions, please email us on

support@beanscoffeeclub.com or call 020 8895 6460