How to make a mocha

The mocha is a warming, chocolatey brew as rich in history as it is in flavour. If you’ve ever wondered how to make one, our handy brewing guide will teach you everything you need to know about preparing the perfect mocha coffee.

What you need

Espresso Machine
Milk jug
18g ground coffee
Milk or milk alternative
Chocolate powder


  • 1.Grind your coffee beans into the portafilter basket until full, making approximately 18g.
  • 2.Using a tamper, apply even pressure to the grounds until you have a flat, level surface.
  • 3.Attach the portafilter to your espresso machine and pull a double shot into your mug.
  • 4.Stir in a teaspoon of chocolate powder until combined with the espresso.
  • 5.Fill up a jug with milk until it’s at half capacity, which is usually to the bottom of the spout.
  • 6.Briefly purge your steam wand by activating it for 1-2 seconds while out of the milk. Then, turn it off again and insert it into the centre of the jug, with the tip positioned just below the milk’s surface. Tilt the jug slightly to the side.
  • 7.Activate the wand and lower the jug slightly to allow the milk to start foaming. You will hear a squeaky hissing noise and a whirlpool should form.
  • 8.Once you see the milk start to rise, raise the jug once more to submerge the wand back into the milk. Continue steaming until the jug’s base is hot to the touch, then deactivate the wand and wipe clean.
  • 9.Remove any large air bubbles from your milk by firmly tapping the jug on a work surface. Swirl until glossy.
  • 10.Take your mug of chocolatey espresso and tilt it towards the milk jug. Pour a stream of slightly foamed milk steadily into the middle of the shot. As you reach the end of your pour, you should be left with a small layer of foam at the top.
  • 11.As an optional finishing touch, dust the foam with a little chocolate powder, and your sweet treat of a mocha is complete.

Origins of the mocha

The mocha is a firm favourite in coffee houses around the world. But where did it come from? Much like the cup of joe itself, the answer to that question has layer. The name ‘mocha’ was originally used to describe coffee from Yemen. It was named in homage to the port of Mokha, a well-known centre for coffee trade. Yemeni coffee has instantly recognisable chocolatey notes, so when nations like Italy started to combine drinking chocolate with coffee in the twentieth century, they would call it a caffè mocha.

Fast forward to today, and the name ‘mocha’ is used to describe a coffee drink laced with chocolatey goodness — and it’s our pick when we fancy sipping on a sweeter brew.

What is a mocha?

A mocha is a beloved fusion of hot chocolate and coffee. It’s made by whipping chocolate powder or syrup together with an espresso base and topping it with slightly frothy steamed milk. This inspired medley is a luxuriously chocolatey take on your standard brew, making it the perfect choice for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth.

Mocha FAQs

What is the difference between a mocha and hot chocolate?

The two sweet beverages share undeniable similarities, but while a mocha is made with an espresso base, milk and chocolate, a hot chocolate is prepared using just chocolate with milk or water.

How much caffeine is in a mocha?

Your standard mocha contains around 130mg of caffeine if two espresso shots are used as the base. This amount does vary, however, with the kind of coffee bean that you use.

What’s the best milk for a mocha?

We recommend that you use fresh, whole dairy milk to prepare a mocha. With a little frothing, dairy milk will make your brew creamy and smooth while allowing the sweet flavour of the chocolate to take centre stage. If you’re opting to go dairy-free, we recommend an unsweetened substitute like soy or almond — they’ll still froth nicely without making your mocha overly sweet.

Can mocha be served iced?

Much like a latte, it’s simple enough to turn a mocha into a refreshing iced brew. To prepare an iced mocha, combine your espresso with milk, ice and cocoa powder in a shaker, then shake until it’s chilled. Pour over ice and enjoy the cooler brew on a sweet summer’s day.