Brewing Guides

Hints & tips to help you enjoy better coffee

The basics of better coffee

Coffee Beans

Use freshly roasted quality coffee which has just been ground

Coffee Beans

Brew with water which has been allowed to sit for 5 mins (to achieve a temp of 195 – 205f)

Coffee Beans

Use bottled or filtered water, it makes up 90% of your final drink after all.

Coffee Beans

Keep your whole coffee beans in an airtight container and out of direct sunlight, heat, cold or moisture.

How to Guides

Pour Over

Manual pour overs are a cheap and quick way to start enjoying fresh coffee, this particular brewing method is good for bringing out the subtle flavours of coffee and lends its self to the lighter roasts.


The Cafetiere is one of the most commonly recognizable brewing methods and an easy way to make full-bodied coffee. The French press process allows the grounds to soak in water for longer allowing for a stronger taste and bolder flavours.


Want your coffee to go ? Are you brewing for one? Then the AeroPress is the something you should have in the cupboard. This compact and lightweight brewer is a go-to for brewing on the fly, its easy to use and gives a full bodied finish with loads of flavour.


The Chemex brewer is a design icon and is a quirky, cool and different way to make coffee. The Chemex is the perfect choice for enjoying more acidic or floral light roasted coffees that take on an almost tea-like quality


They are the most expensive option of all the methods and the hardest to get right; however with a bit of patience and practice you can enjoy a latte or flat white from your sofa..