Getting the best from your Aeropress

Want your coffee to go? Are you brewing for one? Then the AeroPress is the something you should have in the cupboard. This compact and lightweight brewer is a go-to for brewing on the fly, its easy to use and gives a full bodied finish with loads of flavour.

Things you’ll need to make one cup of coffee:

  • Fresh-roasted coffee
  • Scale (optional)
  • Grinder (optional, if you don?t have a grinder you will need pre-ground beans)
  • Kettle
  • Aeropress – You can buy the Aeropress from our store here.
  • Aeropress filter
  • Small spoon
  • Cup (s)
  • Timer

Grind size: Grind coffee medium-fine (roughly the size of granulated table salt).


Follow this step by step guide to get the best from your Aeropress or watch the video at the bottom of the page:

1. Either boil your water in a standard or gooseneck kettle and then set it aside to cool

2. Place the filter into the Aeropress and screw on to secure. Place the bottom half of the press onto your mug of choice.

3. Add around 20g (or 3 level tablespoons if not using scales) into the press and give it a gentle shake to evenly distribute the coffee.

4. Evenly pour the water, just off the boil, over the grounds filling the press about halfway with hot water; Stir the grounds to encourage even brewing, this helps to release CO2 gas.

5. Fill the press to the number 3. If you have a scale then it should be around 750g of water.

6.Place the top on and secure, leave to steep for 1 min.

7.After 60 seconds push the plunger down until all the water has passed through the filter.

8. Enjoy


Or watch this video:

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