Exclusive Interview with rugby star Elliot Daly

Rugby Star and Beans ambassador Elliot Daly gives us his thoughts of Rugbys return post Covid

Six Nations veteran, Saracens super-star and self-proclaimed coffee addict, the England full-back, who is known for his versatility, was the second-youngest player to represent Wasps when he made his debut against Exeter Chiefs at the age of 18.

Daly’s speed and long-range kicking ability has made him extremely well regarded at club and country level. He has represented England at U16, U18, U20 and Senior level including winning an U20 Grand Slam in 2011 and reaching the Junior World Cup final in the same year. Since making his Senior debut for England in 2016 he won back-to-back Six Nations Championships in 2016 and 2017 and has was an integral part of the recent 2020 winning side, in total he has gone on to make over 40 appearances for the Senior team.

Coffee is an important part of his pre-game training ritual; he will have a coffee before every game to help with energy and concentration. Keen to ensure he is drinking the best coffee he enjoys Beans Coffee Club as it helps him enjoy an incredible selection of coffees matched to his taste.

With the 6 Nations won and this year’s Autumn International rugby matches well underway we caught up with Elliot to see how the return to Rugby is going and how the new rules are affecting the game.



How is the return to rugby?
It has been brilliant to get back out there. It’s great to get back doing what we love and we are very thankful we get to do that in the current climate.

How do you feel about playing without an audience?
It is certainly different especially in some of the bigger stadiums. But it is something we have to get used to pretty quickly. You get energy off the crowd and now we have to drive that from within.

How are the preparations for the Autumn internationals etc?
The camps have gone really well so far. I have really enjoyed getting back to camp with the England lads. The standard always seems to increase and that is brilliant as it makes you a better player.

What about grass roots?
Grass roots rugby is key to the development of rugby players in this country. It has been difficult to see the light through the COVID pandemic. Every time we step on the field we want to make those fans proud.

How are you managing to keep motivated?
Motivation is an easy one for me. You come into England campaigns to get better as a player and to push the team forward in anyway you can. That is hugely motivating for me and everyone here. Also we are motivated to play as well as we can and make England proud in this tough time.

When and how did you become a coffee fan?
I have loved coffee since I was probably 18/19. I just enjoy the social aspect of it and the fact that you can get so many different types/methods they produce so many different flavours. I started with a standard cappuccino with lots of chocolate on it as that’s what my mums drinks; but now strictly flat whites and filter coffee.

How did you use coffee in your pre match preparations?
I always have coffee on the day of a game I feel it gets me alert as I wake up in the morning and ready for the big day I have ahead. And with that it is always in my daily routine so don’t want to change that.

How to ensure you have a good supply of coffee?
I was very lucky to come across beans coffee club. For me it is perfect to be able to order quality coffee from all over the UK and for it to be delivered to your door is such a bonus. I love to try different coffees for espresso and filter so for me it is perfect.

Have you managed to convert fellow players to good coffee?
I feel I have got a few more people on board but to be honest there is a great coffee culture around the lads at the moment