How to make the perfect cafetiere coffee

Top tips for the perfect cafetiere coffee

As more and more people are enjoying speciality coffee at home the humble cafetiere is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a staple of most peoples kitchen cupboards and a cheap and easy way to start enjoying freshly roasted coffee at home.

We have put together this post to give you a quick over-view of the Cafetiere and provide some handy tips for getting the most out of it. We have handy brewing guides and videos online and so if you need more detail then click the link at the bottom of the page for further info.

Ok… so let’s start with the basics, a cafetière, or French press, is a heatproof jug, typically made of glass or steel. It uses a strainer attached to the lid to separate the coffee grounds from the liquid whilst extracting their rich flavour.

To brew coffee, you place ground coffee in the jug and cover with hot water; once the coffee has brewed, you plunge the strainer to separate the grounds from the coffee, leaving your perfectly brewed coffee to pour from the spout and the grounds remain secured in the base.

Simple right? Well, yes, it is and that’s why its popular but there are a few things you can do to really improve the taste of the coffee.

The first and most important part is obviously to use freshly roasted coffee. This is really important as coffee starts to come bitter and tasteless within a few weeks of roasting. If possible, always grind your coffee fresh as it will go stale much quicker when pre ground. All our coffees at Beans Coffee Club are roasted fresh – not only that but they are matched to your taste and brewing method.

The next tip is to clean the cafetière before you use it; if you don’t clean it properly it will make your coffee taste a bit bitter and dirty. This might sound obvious, but it is one of the things most people don’t do. Also, you must always pre-warm the cafetiere with hot water (this helps keep your freshly brewed coffee toasty warm until it’s ready to be served). Just pour some hot water in the empty jug before you add the grounds and leave it for a minute or two before discarding. Easy.

While you are heating the jug, it gives the freshly boiled water a chance to cool down a little; we recommend using slightly cooled boiled water as freshly boiled water will kill some of the taste of the coffee. So, warming your jug with the freshly boiled water gives the rest of the water a chance to cool, perfect.


We also recommend that you use filtered water, it’s not important that its bottled, you can use tap water that has been in a water filtering jug, just some basic filtering to remove the strong-tasting elements of tap water makes a big difference.

Once you have placed your ground in the jug cover them with water; it’s pretty important to leave the coffee to brew for approximately 3–4 minutes. This gives the coffee time to infuse and for all the flavours to come out of the grounds.

Using a spoon, it’s a good idea to remove some of the grounds floating on the top of the coffee (often referred to as “the crust”) – this will vastly reduce any sediment and improve the taste

Finally make sure you smoothly press the plunger down to the bottom so that you donbt agitate the coffee grounds too much as they can come through the filter and affect the taste of the final cup.

Serve and enjoy the rich, smooth taste of the perfect cup of cafetiere coffee.


For videos and more detailed ‘step by step’ guides click HERE to check out our coffee school.


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