Roaster Name:
Back Yard Coffee
Roaster location:
United Kingdom
Toper 15kg

Back Yard are an independent roaster based in Sussex, born out of frustration for the coffee industry.


Back Yard Coffee was started by Elliot in 2016 and has since grown its reputation by word-of-mouth for producing small batch, fantastic speciality coffees.

Whist they understand the competitive and high end side of the business, they believe it was starting to get pretentious and over complicated. Having lost faith in what the industry had become they set out to build a business that comes from a different place.

Back Yard Coffees name came about for the simple reason that they used to roast from their back yard, (back garden coffee sounded rubbish) it’s a home business and still is. Run by family, and loved by family.

They create the crowd pleasers.

No Bull…Just great coffee



The house blend No 1 is a multi award-winning coffee designed to be flexible and suitable for a variety of pallets. It won 2 stars at the 2021 Great Taste Awards. Back Yard We only beans they can trust in, having spent many years putting a lot of effort and time into finding the best suppliers and farms, they always buy beans that are fair trade and ethically sourced.