Roaster Name:
Django Coffee Co.
Roaster location:
Giesen W6

Django Coffee; a true independent coffee roaster focusing on single origin speciality coffee

Django Coffee Co. is a coffee roasting company that has taken inspiration from Melbourne’s flourishing and robust coffee scene to make it their mission to provide quality speciality coffee with a low environmental impact. They source their own green coffee beans from coffee growers around the world and then roast the beans in small batches to create unique flavours. They are 100% committed to providing information on the origins, the farmers and the coffee beans journey from the farm to your cup.

After leaving university the founder Ste decided to make it his mission to visit as many countries as possible and so set off to travel the world. Five years later and after visiting many countries and sampling different cultures and coffee he settled in Melbourne and immersed him self in its thriving coffee scene. Having returning to the UK he set up Django Coffee Co. to bring the Melbourne speciality coffee scene to the UK coffee market.

Django means “I awake” in the Romany language and so for a company that deals in the supply of caffeine it was a perfect match.

They are passionate not only about roasting and selling amazing coffee but also to minimise the effects of their footprint on the environment and make sure that each stage of the coffee chain, from harvest to process, is carried out with a knowledge and understanding that does justice to everyone involved. They believe that sustainability is very important to produce quality coffee, livelihood longevity and a healthy environment.

Ste roasts all the coffee him self and manages the roastery, when you get a bag of coffee from Django you know that Ste’s years of passionate is present in every bean. One of the reasons we started Beans Coffee Club is to tell the stories of roasters like this.