Roaster Name:
Foundation Roasters
Roaster location:
St Ives
Giesen 12

Based in St Ives; the founders of Foundation coffee roasters love surfing as much as speciality coffee

Foundation is an independent coffee roasters and equipment supplier based in St Ives, Cornwall. Right from the start their mission was to create high grade speciality coffee using the best possible ethical practices with minimal environmental impact. After a lot of hard work (and a little help from their friends), they were finally able to make that dream a reality in 2019.

Preferring to deal with coffee farms and mills directly, they are able to see where the coffee comes from, listen to the team and ask questions, all while nurturing sustainable working relationships for the future.

All of Foundation’s beans are roasted using  a Giesen W15A. Roasting up to a sack of coffee an hour, this trusty bit of kit is efficient, consistent and eco-friendly. All their 250g and 1kg coffee bags are printed with low solvent inks, omnidegradable and home compostable, once used, they will break down into biomass, water and carbon dioxide. They are also aiming to be a completely carbon neutral company.

Another one of the smaller roasters aiming to make a big difference while producing the best possible coffee experience. We are really proud to be working with these guys and promoting their coffees to a wider audience.