Roaster Name:
Horsham Coffee Roaster LTD
Roaster location:
Handcross Road, Plummers Plain,
Loring S35

Horsham Speciality Coffee Roasters are committed to supporting coffee growing communities

Since then they have grown to a team of 5 and now roast on a Loring S35. Based in Horsham they focus on sourcing great coffees through direct relationships in Rwanda and Costa Rica. They pride themselves on sourcing from carefully selected direct trade importers. Their approach to roasting is scientific and they utilise a range of tools to ensure they roast the best coffee possible for their customers. Bradley is a licensed Q grader and everything they roast goes through a strict quality control program.

The Loring S35 is the one of the most environmentally friendly coffee roasters on the market. It features a single burner with advanced air recirculation that helps to reduce emissions by up to 60%. It’s also completely smokeless releasing no particulate matter into the atmosphere.

“We reuse as much packaging as possible, many of our large orders are sent out in boxes that were originally used to delivery our coffee from Rwanda”

They roast in the medium to light colour range allowing for the characteristics of each coffee to dominate and enabling versatility across multiple brew methods. Most of their single origin coffees are fairly lightly roasted and suitable for all brew methods. For those who prefer a darker roast and lower acidity we’ve created our Nova Espresso blend.

We love having Horsham on our platform, they are fanatical about the quality of their coffee and they are obsessed about supporting the growing communities.