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Littlestone Coffee Roasters are an independent family run roaster based in Exeter, Devon, with a focus on giving back.

Littlestone Coffee Roasters is a family run business in Exeter, Devon who are passionate about independent artisan produce, travel, the outdoors and of course, great-tasting coffee. When they started the business in 2015, their mission was to create a product that was ethically and sustainably sourced and could be adapted to meet the tastes of all coffee lovers.

To ensure they achieve the best quality, they hand-roast in small batches and only use the finest, ethically sourced, green Arabica beans from around the world.  The result is a wide range of coffee flavours for everyone, from light roasted and fruity flavoured coffees to medium/dark chocolatey notes.

This is Jack – one of Littlestones founders


They carefully select the ethical and sustainable suppliers they partner with from around the world, and work with them to guarantee the growers receive a truly fair price for their coffee beans. This means they are able to focus on making their product as incredible as it can be, whilst earning a good income for the coffee growers’ families. They have long-term partnerships with 2 charities; Project Waterfall, who support coffee-growing communities and Surfers against Sewage, a UK charity who protect the oceans and beach wildlife.

They are one of the truly independent roasters here in the U.K; they love what they do and want to see other people enjoying great coffee, which is why we believe deserve to be shouted about. We hope you enjoy their coffees.