Roaster Name:
New Ground Coffee
Roaster location:
Lorin S15

New Ground Coffee; an independent coffee roasters using speciality coffee as a force for good

It’s well documented that prisoners are much more likely to reoffend after release if they are without training and jobs. That’s why New Ground decided they wanted to make a difference. They roast high grade, speciality coffee in Oxford and offer training and work opportunities for ex-offenders across the Thames Valley.

They only buy quality and ethical green beans and roast them to bring out the unique characteristics of each coffee. They use the profits from their business to fund training and guide ex-offenders into a long term, sustainable future.

“We have a very strong ethical and sustainable focus to provide a variety of exciting coffees. We work with small-scale farmers who produce the best coffees around the world, and ensure that these farmers are paid fairly and their communities are positively impacted.”


They dedicate themselves to getting the most out of each coffee, and so each one is roasted differently to fully develop all the flavours, and to showcase what makes them distinct with the resulting cup being clean and clear.

Earlier this year they launched a sustainable and ethical coffee shop pop up in The Corner Shop at Selfridges. Opening in January and offering an exclusive Selfridges blend they ran for 5 weeks. All drinks came in specially designed recyclable coffee cups.

These guys are making a real difference and a great example of a truly ethical enterprise. They are getting noticed for their incredible work but also for the quality of their coffee. We are really pleased they agreed to partner with us and we hope you love trying their full range of incredible coffees within our subscriptions.