Roaster Name:
Perky Blenders
Roaster location:
United Kingdom
20kg Petrocini

Perky Blenders is an award-winning East London roastery and coffee shop chain who care about the planet

Perky Blenders like to think of themselves as one big family. Formed back in 2015 by brothers Tom and Adam Cozens, along with Adam’s wife, Victoria, they started as a humble little coffee cart outside St James’ Street station with the aim of being responsible, friendly and accessible to all.

A few years on they now have four shops within the borough, and supply over 50 stores – including Wholefoods, the award-winning Eat17 Spar shops and big chill. In the last few years, they have won two Time Out Awards as the ‘Best Coffee Place’ within three London Postcodes as well winning a Fine Food Award for their signature coffee – ‘Forest Blend’.

Perky Blenders have committed to being as sustainable as they can – All their coffee beans are sourced sustainably, from trusted suppliers.  They endeavour to seek out suppliers who champion smallholders and independent farmers. In addition their coffee bags are completely oxi-biodegradable, or ‘oxo-degradable.’

We are really proud to be working with these guys. They have worked really hard to make coffee accessible to all; the same ethos we have at Beans Coffee Club, so it’s a perfect partnership.