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Roaster Name:
Pharmacie Coffee Roasters
Roaster location:
Giesen W15

Pharmacie Coffee Roasters

Most popular bean/blend:
Our single origins change too regularly to say but generally, we sell more single origin espresso than anything else


About us:

Converted out of a 19th century stables, Pharmacie Coffee Roasters was founded by Rick Curtis and Tash Murphy in 2015. In the tradition of micro-roasters in the US and Australia, Pharmacie is a workshop and training room first and foremost, currently open for coffee-drinking and vegan street food pop-ups every Saturday. We roast single origin espresso & filter profiles, sourcing high grade Arabica from ethically reputable sources and carefully roast them for balance, so you taste the coffee cherry and not the roast.


Ethical policies / environmental processes:

We use an electromagnetic filter and hybrid gas/electric powered drum roaster which is more ecologically efficient with less emissions. Our coffee waste by-products are turned into heat-tech logs, we also dehydrate our grounds to make soap! We deliver our wholesale coffee by Zedify cycle couriers in Brighton & Hove and by carbon neutral courier services locally and worldwide. Our retail bags are re-sealable for refilling, fully recyclable in plastic recycling and are carbon neutral and made in the EU. Our wholesale coffee bags are reused 5 times or local customers receive their coffee in reusable food-safe buckets. We offer bag return and cold-brew bottle return discounts for our wholesale customers.