Roaster Name:
Pharmacie Coffee Roasters
Roaster location:
Giesen W15

Converted out of a 19th century stables in Hove, Pharmacie Coffee Roasters was founded in 2015.

In the tradition of micro-roasters in the US and Australia, Pharmacie is a workshop and training room first and foremost, currently open for coffee-drinking and vegan street food pop-ups every Saturday. They roast single origin espresso & filter profiles, sourcing high grade Arabica from ethically reputable sources and carefully roast them for balance, so you taste the coffee cherry and not the roast.

Their retail bags are re-sealable for refilling, fully recyclable in plastic recycling and are carbon neutral and made in the EU.

Using an electromagnetic filter and hybrid gas/electric powered drum roaster they are able to be ecologically efficient by producing less emissions. The coffee waste by-products are turned into heat-tech logs and they also dehydrate their grounds to make soap! They continue their ethical credentials by delivering their wholesale coffee by Zedify cycle couriers in Brighton & Hove, a carbon neutral courier services.

Pharmacie are one of the most respected coffee roasters in the industry.  They really care about the roasts and ensure that everyone gets the most out of each bean by even providing different profiles for filter and espresso drinkers. They are also some of the loveliest people to collaborate with.