Roaster Name:
The Gentlemen Baristas
Roaster location:
Company - 2014 / Roastery - 2018
Probat 12kg

Gentlemen Baristas are a London coffee roasters producing incredible speciality coffee

The Gentlemen Baristas are based on central London and they are owned by Edward Parkes and Henry Ayers. Having met at the London Coffee Festival in 2011 they opened their first coffee shop three years later. Their coffee range is named after classical British hats including  Top Hat, Pith Helmet and Deerstalker,  they strive to evoke the best of a period gone by

The green beans they roast are carefully and responsibly sourced from all over the world; ensuring they are high scoring and consistently excellent. The process for selecting and roasting beans ensure that, whichever final form the coffee may take, when it reaches the cup, it is the best it possibly can be.

“Manners are key – they’re important, they’re neglected and people do care about them.”

They source the majority of their green beans direct from source, working with either small holders or directly with the farmers and their families. Cutting out the middle man they can directly benefit the communities and in turn the process at source. Sustainability is fundamental as well as environmental factors, they are at the heart of all that they do.

These guys are the coolest roasters around and produce some of the best coffee. Their Deerstalker blend is one of our favourites at HQ and they are also some of the nicest guys in the business.