Roaster Name:
The Gentlemen Baristas
Roaster location:
Company ? 2014 / Roastery - 2018
Probat 12kg

The Gentlemen Baristas - One Click Coffee


Most popular bean/blend:

  • Deerstalker- (blend of) El Salvador washed/Brazilian washed & Sumatran organic
  • The Gatsby – El Salvador natural



We founded the GBs in 2014, out of a frustration with the ?Baristocracy?. Since then we have evolved into eight stores and a roastery, supplying retail and wholesale alike. We believe in well mannered coffee, it?s what we do and who we are.


Ethical / environmental claims:

We source the majority of our green beans direct from source, working with either small holders or directly with the farmers and their families. Cutting out the middle man and directly benefiting the communities and in turn the process at source. Sustainability is fundamental, that and environmental factors too are key to what we do. We use Swiss water process for our decaf and carry two organic roasts.