Roaster Name:
Wogan Coffee
Roaster location:
Probat 20kg Probat 35kg

Established in the heart of Bristol in 1970, Wogan Coffee is now in its third generation, with one Wogan in Bristol, and the other in London.

Wogan Coffee sources and imports exceptional artisan and speciality coffees from sustainable and ethical farms worldwide, hand-roasting every single bean to perfection, while building a better future for growers and their families.

In 1970, Brian Wogan, who loved a great cup of coffee, looked around and saw that there were no local roasters. He had flair and a love for this commodity so he set out on his own in the centre of town with a refurbished 90 kilo Probat and started “Brian Wogan Coffee

Over the years, Brian continued to sell his delicious roasted coffee, and when Adrian, his son, was old enough to come on board, he did so. On his holidays off from school, he would learn about the business with his dad.

With the help of a nose that loved the smell of coffee, Adrian found the same drive to work with excellent and ethical coffee.

In 1989, Brian sold the business, but Adrian stayed on to keep working. However, he soon realized that the soul behind the business was not as it should be so he left to start his own company. Then, in 1991, Adrian bought the business back from the current owners. Now along with his kids, Laura, and James, they work hard to bring you ethically sourced single-origin coffees.

Thanks to their excellent long-standing relationships with coffee farmers and direct trade partners, they are able to craft outstanding coffees to suit all tastes, a large part of which have Direct Trade, Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certifications. They are also proud to support and improve the livelihoods of small, sustainable speciality farms.