Acacia Blend

By: Perky Blenders
Weight: 200g


Roasters note:

The Ethiopian coffee component of this blend is produced by a washing station located in Kantite, an area in the southern part of the famous Sidamo province. The station, operated by a company called Daye Bensa, collects coffee cherries of various local varieties from around 1200 small scale farmers of the area that are then floated, depulped, fermented, washed and finally dried before being hulled and prepared for export. This coffee displays the classic floral and delicate characteristics of washed Ethiopian coffees that brings elegance and refinement to this blend.
The Rwandan coffee component is produced by Nkara, a washing station located in a district called Gakenke in the rugged northwest of the country. The station is operated by Musasa Dukunde Kawa, a company operating multiple stations in the area. During the harvest, Nkara collects ripe cherries from over 2000 small scale farmers of the area. They then handle all the depulping, washing, drying and sorting. In addition to the great work the cooperative does with quality improvement, they also run various social programs that contribute to the livelihoods of the members (school fees, medical insurance and even free cows as bonus payment for quality cherries). This Red Bourbon lot is providing its honey sweetness and berry flavour to the blend.

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Type: Blend

Taste: Blackcurrant, Citrus Fruit & Honey

Country: Ethiopia, Rwanda

Process: Washed

Varietal: Heirloom, Red Bourbon

Bag Size: 200