Casa de zinc

By: Coaltown Limited
Weight: 227g


Apaneca Llamatepequec is a mountain range in western El Salvador near the border of Guatemala. While montainous, altitude rarely exceeds 1400 meters, but nevertheless, the region exhibits a number of attributes that lead to high quality coffee production. El Salvador is an origin that has a natural tendency to produce sweet, versatile and sought after coffees from small, and generally progressive producers and was an early darling of the current specialty coffee movement.Handpicked ripe cherries are manually pulped at Beneficio El Recreo mill, and then dried on raised African beds for 18 days with the mucilage intact. The parchment must be carefully maintained and turned to ensure even drying and prevent over fermentation. Once the coffee has dried to an optimum moisture content it is rested before being hulled and graded for export.

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Type: Single

Taste: Juicy, Intense, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Pomegranate, Creamy

Country: El Salvador

Process: Honey Processed

Varietal: Bourbon

Bag Size: 227