Ethiopia Ibrahim Hussien

Weight: 225g


Ibrahim Hussein is the owner of a 200 hectare coffee farm in the Limu Kossa district, Jimma. The farm is planted with the 74110 and 74165 varieties, which are landrace selections from the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre which have been selected for specific micro-regions, climates and altitudes. The coffee is grown under natural forest where Ibrahim has bee hives and some fruit trees. Ibrahim also buys cherry from over 300 outgrowers who all have small farms in the area. He keeps a list of outgrowers with their basic information which he uses to track deliveries and maintain traceability for his lots. All the coffee is processed and dried at Ibrahims farm and is dried on raised beds for around two weeks.

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Type: Single

Taste: Gentle citrus acidity with a creamy body, leading to a lavender aftertaste.

Country: Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Varietal: Heirloom

Bag Size: 225