Costa Rica Decaf

By: Littlestone Coffee Roasters
Weight: 225g

£7.65 (+pp)

This Costa Rican Decaf from Littlestone Coffee Roasters is a great tasting, full-bodied coffee without the caffeine and full of taste.

Gone are the days when decaf was not great tasting!  This decaf won a Great Taste Award in 2019

The decaf process used for this great coffee is the Swiss Water process.  The Swiss Water process is an organic decaffeination process that is 100% chemical free. With a combination of water, temperature and time the caffeine is removed but the full flavour of the coffee remains in the beans. The decaffeination process takes 10 hours to complete.

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Decaf: Yes

Type: Single Origin

Taste: Full-bodied, dark chocolate, molasses

Country: Costa Rica

Process: swiss water process

Varietal: Catuai, Caturra

Bag Size: 225