Elton Farm

By: Coaltown Limited
Weight: 227g


The farm is owned by Eric Smeets, and was previously one the oldest surviving colonial farms in Southern Tanzania, an area better known as the Southern Highlands. Eric is a well-known resident in the area, and was the first man to establish an organic supply chain in Ileje serving international roasters globally.

Hasambo CPU, situated on Elton Farm, is located in Mbozi, Mbeya Regio, an area that produces c. 20,000 MT parchment each year, predominantly by small-scale farmers. They can process c. 2.5 MT of cherry an hour, and separate the parchment into PI, PIII, PIII and floaters/mbuni, before washing, skin drying and left to dry to 12.5% moisture on raised African beds.

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Type: Single

Taste: Lavender, strawberry, green tea and brown sugar, Creamy body<br />

Country: Tanzania

Process: fully washed

Varietal: Bourbon, n39

Bag Size: 227