Ethiopian Natural

By: Monsoon Estates Coffee
Weight: 227g

£7.50 (+pp)


Good light to medium roast delivering a rich golden crema. On the tongue, this gives a balanced acidity in a happy blend of soft fruit. 

Roaster note: Our Ethiopian Natural coffees are in short supply.  We have 5 beauties here but not much of any of them.  We will swap them around a little until supplies are more reliable. If you, like me, love the natural processed coffees, you will no doubt, like any of the lovely coffees we have here. Sweet and savoury with a long fruity finish – like three different coffees all in the same cup. Incredibly, milk adds a further dimension: the finish now becomes a fruity creaminess – almost strawberries and cream.

Two of the coffees have recieved Great Taste Award 3 stars.  One received 2 stars and the other two haven’t been entered yet. They are all top notch.

These coffees suit all brew methods but it really does depend on your personal taste!  I will drink them any which way and with or without milk.

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Type: Single Origin

Taste: Medium bodied, fruity, winy and floral.

Country: Ethiopia

Process: Natural

Bag Size: 227