Formula 6

By: James Gourmet Coffee
Weight: 250g

£6.50 (+pp)

The go-to house blend for James Gourmet … a established crowd pleaser for espresso drinkers.

Roasters note: Firstly Formula 6 is a blend of specialty coffee that allows us to buy a broad range of seasonal beans from all over the world. During the year there are subtle changes in the blend’s profile as the components change. Due to the fact that we keep the same percentages of the process types consistent and subtly tweak the roast to optimise its flavour potential. For many, Formula 6 is their go-to coffee. House Blends offer great value too.

There are never two years the same but we can only plan for up to 6 months ahead as we just don’t know what lies ahead. Look at the last 2 years! Coffee is still very much a seasonal affair, although there are some coffees that we try and keep for longer.

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Type: Blend

Taste: Fruity, nutty & chocolatey

Country: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia

Process: Natural

Varietal: Various

Bag Size: 250