Peru Gesha Huerto

Weight: 225g


Peru Gesha is a blend of three varieties Gesha, Bourbon and Catuai. However the star of this blend is Gesha or Gaisha but not Geisha (it is not named after a Japanese performing arts tradition), is a humdinger of a coffee! The variety first astounded experts at a 2004 Best of Panama cupping and had all the hallmarks of an Ethiopia, from where it in fact originates in the Gori Gesha Forest. Gesha made its way as seedlings from Ethiopia in the ’30’s, via the then British Consul and finally wound up in Costa Rica in the ’50’s, spreading around South America. Gesha is one of speciality coffee’s holy grails due to its exceptional quality.

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Type: Single

Taste: Perfumed aroma of bergamot, rose and jasmine notes, and delicate?fruity?lime, papaya or honeysuckle?flavours.

Country: Guatemala

Process: Washed

Varietal: gesha, bourbon, catuai

Bag Size: 225